What does ‘wellbeing’ look like? How does it feel?

It’s when every part of us connects and thrives as a whole. 
It’s what we eat, as well as how, when and why we eat.
It’s running, swimming, stretching and stopping.
It’s sleep, sight, skeletons, skin. Muscles, medication and meditation.
The work we do and why and where we do it.
Birth and breakdowns, breathing and believing.
The environments we live in. Our relationships. Our children. 
The technology we use and the clothes we wear.
Living our best selves, and making our best decisions. 

What does wellbeing mean to you? What's your health story?
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Department Manifesto:

We believe in starting new conversations about health and wellness.
We believe in helping everyone to feel equipped to make different choices.
We believe in finding new ways to define and consume wellness.
We believe in whole-system thinking, in connection and integration.
We believe in removing the bias, dogma and inaccuracy from how we learn about ourselves.
We believe in sharing our learning, our stories, our discoveries, knowledge and resources.
We believe in finding meaning, purpose, power and transformation through all aspects of wellbeing.